Tres Palmas

To reach the Tres Palmas reef, huge swells come roaring out of the north Atlantic and focus their energy along a deep water trench off the coast of Rincon. This is pure open ocean power that walls up before exploding onto the reef. Needless to say, surfing Tres Palmas takes a bit of guts and a bit of know-how but for those brave souls who give it a go, the adrenaline fueled ride can be spectacular. One of the good things about surfing Tres Palmas, especially if you are new to big wave riding, is that the wave breaks alongside a deep channel. In fact, you can usually make out the channel by a line in the wave face that is created from sand sucking off the reef and deliniating sort of where the channel starts. So the goal is basically to make the drop and gun for the blue area. Reach that and you're pretty much home free. ~ David McIntosh

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Country: Puerto Rico
Currency: US Dollar
English, Spanish
Nearest Airport: Rafael Hernández Airport
When to go: November - April
Best Size: 10-20'
Break Type: Reef break

Known Hazards

No hazards


Tow Surfing Tres Palmas

Tow surfing 20+ foot waves at Rincon, Puerto Rico's famed big wave spot... Tres Palmas!

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